Configurable High Accuracy Beam Loss Monitor

Featured Product from Instrumentation Technologies D.O.O.

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The Libera BLM is a processor for signals coming from the beam-loss detectors. Losses are measured with a high level of detectability and time resolution (8 ns). In contrast to other BLM systems, it detects losses ranging from a single electron to the huge losses that usually occur during injection. Thanks to its high time resolution and 50 Ohm input termination, it provides detailed insight into sub-turn and intra-pulse losses. When switched to a high-impedance input termination, it is able to detect very small losses.


  • Portable system, easy to deploy and use
  • Compact and robust design
  • Power over Ethernet for complete system
  • Re-configurable processing scheme
  • No maintenance required
  • Variety of interfaces (e.g. EPICS, TANGO, HTTP, MATLAB, etc.)