EMC compliance

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In order to make sure that your products are compliant with regulations we help you plan your device from the idea onwards. The sooner in the development process, we start planning, the more certain you can be with your compliance. Early-stage EMC design consulting will ensure that your device’s design is EMC compliant and will help you avoid downstream redesign. We have proven in many projects that this approach will help reduce non-compliance costs, in both time and expenses. Also, if you hit a deadlock in the certification process we can help you resolve the issue and get the certification process moving, minimizing your losses from having a product at a standstill. We can also provide a simulation of high-speed digital links on PCBs, using the IBIS parameters of the electronic components and data on the actual PCB routing design. In addition, we have the means and the knowledge to measure the properties of individual parts of the circuit board (impedances, impedance matching) and to measure the performance of antennas integrated into devices (we measure the radiation pattern of the antenna and its efficiency).