Low-noise and Wide Dynamic Range Digitizer

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The Libera Digit 500 is a low-noise and wide dynamic range digitizer with 4 channels and a sampling frequency of max. 500 MHz, phase locked to an external reference signal. The data is stored in a configurable segmented buffer, with different acquisition modes and trigger rates up to 1 kHz. Instrument is available in AC and DC coupled version. The DC-coupled version has a front end with 250 MHz bandwidth, suitable for time-domain processing of signals coming from different types of sensors. The AC-coupled front end has a bandwidth ranging from 1 MHz to 2 GHz and is suitable for narrow-band signals and digital down-conversion applications. The front end can also be customized to include different types of analog filtering/conditioning.


  • 4 channels sampled at 500 MS/s with 14-bit ADCs
  • AC coupled and DC coupled versions
  • 31 dB variable gain, more than 90 dB dynamic range
  • Different buffer acquisition modes with configurable segmented buffer
  • EPICS, Tango, Python, Matlab and LabVIEW compatible
  • Passive cooled, PoE++ compatible