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Design Consulting
Being familiar with technological possibilities and limitations, knowing how to create the best possible design to achieve the results required, and foreseeing certification requirements up front, we provide cost-effective and on-time completion of design.
When designing a product, the entire solution must be considered up front to ensure that the product is ready for manufacturing when the customer needs it. This goes beyond the boards and components in the product and extends to the development of its enclosure, shields, labeling required, printing and cooling standards as well.

Our engineers understand from an electrical, mechanical and computer engineering standpoint what technology limitations are and how to create the best possible design to achieve the results required.

An experienced Solution Architect leads the project from beginning to the end, is well versed in technical engineering as well as solution delivery and can take quick action during the project and mitigate risks accordingly. Another key component in our success is the great collaboration between engineering, quality control, procurement and supply chain teams. These experts on staff can source components and subcontractors where required in a short timeframe or well in advance, reducing unnecessary delays. Certification requirements are envisioned up front and managed throughout the design and development process to ensure the product will pass certification. Design expertise includes: Radio Frequency (RF) and Wireless, Analog, Low Power FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), Embedded Software Radio over Fiber (RoF).

Solutions for Industries
Nowdays, virtually every field is touched by the growing demand for connected devices & the hardware and embedded software required to bring these visions to life.
We offer the knowledge and skills in the development of RF and digital electronic devices, including hardware, and low and high levels of software. In more than 20 years, we have gained a lot of experience designing, developing, producing, testing and delivering electronic devices used for high-performance applications. We deal with synchronized multiple-board systems with real-time digital processing of large amounts of data on a daily basis.