Compact Helmet Impact Recording System

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IST's Helmet Impact Recording System (HIRTS-1) is a compact, self-contained recording device which measures and records shock and impact to helmets or other space constrained fixtures. The device is planted or installed to an inside surface of the helmet.

  • Compact self, contained
  • 2" x 1" x 0.5", 40 gram
  • 3-axis accelerometer & recorder
  • Records peak shocks, total energy, duration, date, time
  • Ranges from 100 g to 2,000 g.
  • Standard range +/-300g
  • Threshold triggered
  • 2,500 event memory
  • Wireless data interface
  • Electronics epoxy encanpsulated
  • Available for rental or purchase


  • Athletic helmet testing
  • Crash testing
  • Drop testing
  • Athletic event measurement
  • Military helmet testing
  • Space constrained shock testing

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