Panther Shock & Vibration Sensor/Recorder

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Panther Shock & Vibration Sensor/Recorder-Image

The PANTHER Model EDR -4 series shock & vibration data loggers, monitors and recorders are self-contained, user-programmable acceleration sensor/recorders. The compact, 5lb. Package is designed for remote, stand-alone shock and vibration measurement and recording over extended time periods ranging from several hours to several weeks.


  • Triggered Waveform Recording
  • 3 & 6 - Channel Capabilities
  • 12-bit A/D, 74dB Dynamic Range
  • Programmable Digitization to 15 KHz/CH
  • Three Single-Ended Inputs
  • Three Differential Inputs
  • Internal PR Triaxial Accelerometer (Rentals Offered)
  • Constant-Current Excitation For Low-Bias PE Accels
  • User Adjustable (DC) Offset Correction
  • Programmable Time or Event-Based Triggering
  • Programmable Anti-Alias Filter From 10Hz to 2+kHz
  • Programmable Gain Adjust
  • 6 MB Onboard Memory, Expandable to 108 MB
  • Programmable Data Memory Partitioning
  • Sliding Window Overwrite Memory Management
  • High Speed Parallel or Serial Port Data Communications
  • Precision Synchronization to 1 USEC
  • Battery Powered for 30 - 60 Days

The EDR-4 shock & vibration data monitor, logger and recorder is a precision field measurement instrument offering major improvements in recording speed, onboard data storage, dynamic range, data management, and programmability features.

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