Series Acceleration Recorders

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SnapShock Plus

Series Acceleration (Impact Indicator, Vibration & Shock Detector) Recorders
Models SSP-2000-1D, SSP-4000-1D, SSP-4000-3D


  • Self Contained Acceleration Event, Date, Time Recorder
  • Single Axis and Tri-axial Accelerometer Models
  • Full Scale g-measurement ranges from +/- 2g to 2,000g +
  • Measures & Records Peak Shock Level, Duration, Velocity Change (energy), Date & Time
  • Programmable G-Trigger Levels
  • Programmable Velocity-Change Trigger Levels
  • IST Patented Functionality
  • Drop Height Measurement Mode for Package Test Shipments
  • Stores up to 5900 Readings
  • Rugged, Water-Resistant Housing
  • Mode Cycle Push-Button for Easy Manual Activation/De-activation
  • Battery-Powered, 8 to 30 + Day Operation
  • Very Small Size: 1.5"x3.2"x1.5", 7oz.
  • Built-In Piezoresistive Accelerometer
  • Excellent Low Frequency Response
  • Automatic Offset Correction
  • Programmable Low Pass Filters
  • 12 Bit A/D for Improved Accuracy
  • 1200 Hz Digitization Rate
  • Setup & Data Download via wireless IR & USB.
  • Windows DynaMax 98/NT/Me/2000/XP/W7 Setup & Analysis Software


The SnapShock Plus (SSP) accelerometer, serves as a impact indicator and transportation data recorder, logger, and detector, are compact, battery powered acceleration event recorders that records peak acceleration including impact, vibration and shock. The new generation devices offer several improved capabilities over the standard Snap Shock accelerometer model. In addition to measuring peak-g shock levels with a built-in accelerometer sensor, the SSP also measures and records shock duration and velocity change for all events which exceed user defined thresholds. In addition the SSP is now available in triaxial version referred to as the SnapShock Plus/3D (SSP/3D)acceleration data logger / impact & transportation data recorder.

The SSP/3D acceleration data logger / impact indicator & transportation data recorder offers all features of the SSP acceleration data logger / impact indicator & transportation data recorder with the benefit of 3-dimensional measurement capability.

Each instrument measures and records the peak acceleration (shock detector, vibration, or impact indicator) levels to which it is exposed along with shock duration and velocity change, and the exact date and time of occurrence.

The user may specify recording thresholds in g-level, as well as velocity change, so that only those events which exceed g-level and velocity change thresholds of interest are actually recorded into permanent memory. The SSP acceleration data logger / impact indicator & transportation data series recorders utilize a low power design, enabling operation for weeks at a time while running on a single 9-volt battery.