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The EDR-3C Series is a portable impact, shock and vibration logger, recorder and detector has a built-in triaxial accelerometer along with many other features including easy setup and use and can be battery powered for up to thirty days, onboard memory and more.


  • Measures Shock, Vibration & Temperature
  • Options for Humidity, Pressure, Strain, Load, Full Waveform, Time History Recording and More
  • Download via USB or high speed serial
  • Built-in piezoresistive Tri-axial Accelerometer
  • Continuous recording from minutes to hours depending on memory & sample rate
  • Triggered recording up to several months or monger
  • 5,291 "event" memory capacity
  • All events date/time stamped
  • Patented IST Sliding Window Overwrite (SWO) memory mode
  • Fully programmable sample rates, triggering, event lengths, memory modes
  • Up to 6 High-Speed Accelerometer channels
  • External input channel options for PE voltage mode accelerometers
  • Precision Low Noise accelerometers, DC response
  • Full scale g ranges from 2g to 500g
  • Sampling Frequency to 3.2 kHz/channel
  • Triggering: threshold, time-interval, time-delayed, time at level, external input, manual and networked
  • Automatic Offset Correction (for DC accelerations, Bridge Balancing)
  • Vibration Controller Compatibility for Field Data Replication, PSD Profiles
  • Battery powered continuous recording to 30+ Days , 60+ Days with New "Powersave" feature
  • Memory nonvolatile to 6+ months
  • Pre-trigger and post-trigger programmability- never misses anything
  • Extremely rugged: 500g+ shock fragility
  • Small Size: 37 cu in, 2.2 lb.
  • Powerful Windows NT/2000/XP/7 Software Included
  • Easy to Set Up and Use

The EDR-3C series impact, shock and vibration combo recorders offer you a time-tested reputation for proven performance and reliability with hundreds of successful installations since 1989. The EDR-3C series operates similarly and differs only in programmability features, on-board memory and channel capacities. Each impact, shock and vibration combo recorder is powered by a specially designed C-Cell battery pack (9 Volt optional.)

The EDR-3C impact, shock and vibration combo recorder is used in conjunction with DynaMax programs and downloads the EDR-3C's memory via an IBM compatible personal computer using serial & USB. Together, the EDR-3C and the DynaMax software program provide a powerful tool for accurately recording and analyzing dynamic environments.

About Instrumented Sensor Technology:

Instrumented Sensor Technology is the world leader in portable, stand-alone data recorders for dynamic measurements. IST supplies recording systems and data analysis software to leading companies throughout the world. We specialize in remote environments and offer the finest self-contained field recorder in the industry. With an international network of support staff we offer outstanding service after the sale to ensure your success.