L-Band Avionics Pallet Amplifier

Product Announcement from Integra Technologies, Inc.

L-Band Avionics Pallet Amplifier-Image

The high power pulsed avionics pallet part number IBP1011L800 is designed for L-Band avionics systems operating at 1030 MHz. While operating in class C mode under Mode S-ELM pulse burst conditions at VCC = 48V, this amplifier supplies a minimum of 900 watts of peak pulse power. It utilizes a low loss internal input impedance matching structure to yield maximum device gain and to ease the implementation of external matching circuitry. The new generation bipolar transistor geometry utilizes a gold metallization system to achieve maximum reliability. Emitter ballast resistance is incorporated on the active cell for optimum thermal distribution and maximum reliability. All devices are 100% screened for large signal RF parameters.