Wi-Fi/BLE Modules, Support and Services

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Intelligraphics offers low cost, high quality Wi-Fi/BLE communications modules. What sets us apart is that we also offer end-to-end hardware and software design services along with unparalleled support. This allows us to not only offer standard support for our modules, but to support our customers with:

1)      Device driver and firmware customizations

2)      Hardware design services

3)      Hardware design reviews - for customer’s that wish to make their own designs

4)      Ports to other operating systems and/or kernels

5)      Regulatory Domain Certifications (FAA, ETSI, etc.)

6)      Device driver certifications (Wi-Fi Alliance, Windows HCK, CCX etc.)

7)      Integration with the customer's platform and operating system

8)      Long term maintenance, diagnosis, troubleshooting, support and addition of new features

9)      Support for device bring-up

10)  Thorough Wi-Fi testing (Wi-Fi Alliance, Windows HCK, CCX, Interop testing, etc.) so that our customer’s products have rock solid, dependable wireless communications

 Intelligraphics has also developed many off the shelf solutions. Among them:

1)      Advanced AI roaming algorithms that ensure that our customer’s devices always stay connected

2)      Ports to other operating systems. Most Wi-Fi silicon companies now only offer Linux drivers. Intelligraphics develops off-the-shelf device drivers for other operating systems such as Windows 7/8/10, WEC7/2013, Android and a variety of RTOSes

3)      Wi-Fi sniffer solutions with packet injection and numerous other advanced features

4)      Support for performance improving Wi-Fi standards such as 802.11k, 802.11r, 802.11v, CCX, Voice Over Wi-Fi and CCKM

 Intelligraphics is a charter member of the Qualcomm Authorized Design Center (ADC) program, a Cisco CCX Partner, and a Texas Instruments Third Party Development Partner.