Wiopsy+, a Multi-Channel Enterprise-Grade Sniffer

Featured Product from Intelligraphics, Inc.

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A “must have”tool for any Wi-Fi development, maintenance or surveillance team

The growth and evolution of Wi-Fi in the enterprise sector has created the need for reliable and cost effective tools to debug and diagnose issues within Wi-Fi deployments.
Debugging and monitoring Wi-Fi networks comes with a requirement for stable, reliable, technically advanced solutions – Wi-Fi packet monitors (sniffers) and packet probe tools (injectors).

Intelligraphics, the industry leader in Wi-Fi solutions, has developed Wiopsy+, a multi-channel enterprise-grade sniffer with injector for network testing, debugging, and security.

WiOpsy+ features packet injection for Wi-Fi testing, scenario and simulations, as well as an analytics engine to simplify analysis of all Wi-Fi captures. A host of other features found only in WiOpsy+ make it the“must have” tool for any Wi-Fi development, maintenance or surveillance team.

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