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Counting Dropping Parts with Frame counting Sensor

Featured Product from Intellisense Microelectronics Ltd.

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In the assembly industry, there are often many small parts that need to be classified and counted. Some parts have a diameter of only 2-3mm, which is difficult to detect using ordinary photoelectric sensors. Therefore, we need to find a solution that can accurately detect small objects.

IMS DS series counting sensors form a light curtain by emitting dense infrared light, which can detect any object passing through the beam and have high detection accuracy for small objects. The counting sensor has a response time of 1ms and is suitable for fast counting. In addition, for some irregular objects, the counting accuracy can be improved by setting the off delay time of the sensor.


  • Fault self-test function to ensure accurate counting
  • Metal, non-metal material universal
  • Multi-channel structure to meet the needs of large-scale counting
  • Self-recovering short-circuit protection, power reverse connection protection, over-voltage protection