Light curtain, suitable for ultra-thin parts

Featured Product from Intellisense Microelectronics Ltd.

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IMS cross beam light curtains use its own proprietary light curtain ASIC to achieve higher reliability and stability. Adopting cross beam technology, this series has a higher resolution and can detect objects down to φ7mm. They are the ideal selection for irregular parts or ultra-thin object counting or detection, such as flange, paper etc.  


  • Simple connection with out-going cable
  • Fast response time: 1ms or 2ms
  • NPN or PNP output
  • Powerindicators, operation indicator, alarm indicator
  • Ambient light rejection: sun light Max. 50, 000lux, incandescent lamp Max. 5, 000lux


  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for irregular or ultra-thin object counting
  • No-blind testing across the whole sensing area
  • Sensing area: 100mmx100mm to 150mmx1000mm
  • For sensing large object over large area  
  • Unique simultaneous cross beams to improve resolution
  • Alarm output for marginal operational state to improve safety
  • Power on delay, power supply reverse polarity protection, output short-circuit protection, output reverse polarity protection