Control Panels for Fail Safe PDU Operation

Featured Product from Interact Power, Inc.

Complete Power Control for your system. The 43 Series Control Panels are compatible with any Interact Power PDU which has the remote ON/OFF feature. It is also compatible with many competitors PDUís with remote feature. This unit provides all the basic power monitoring and control functions. A single interface cable furnished with each unit makes installation simple.

The Control Panel indicates the status of the power distribution unitís main power breaker, status of the ON/OFF control bus and status of any Emergency Power Off (EPO) condition. Options include EPO condition alarm horn, system run time indicator, daisy-chain of control panels, and other featured options (see chart below).

The 43 series Control Panels provides fail safe operation on system power loss or main breaker trip, requiring manual reset of the ON command for power distribution unit switched outlets. Other interface connectors at the 43 series rear panel allow external EPO command input, plus optional EPO contact sets to control other system equipment or provide remote EPO monitoring functions.

The 43 series Control Panel will operate at either 120VAC or 230VAC single phase (range is actually 100VAC to 250VAC) in a 19" rack mount unit that is 1 "U" (1 3/4") high and 9" deep.