AS 9100 Compliant

Featured Product from Interact Power, Inc.

Interact Power, Inc., an engineering company that manufactures COTS Rack Mount AC & DC Power Distribution Equipment. Specialize in the design/manufacture of ruggedized Custom PDU’s. Single phase (120V~ and 230V~) & three phase (120/208V~ and 400-415V~) power units are available.

Other COTS PDU's are available which can operate at different voltages to adequately support the critical electronic computer and communications equipment in most military and aerospace applications. Interact Power's standard product line includes PDU's that are designed to accept an input frequency range from 47 to 63Hz, with up to 440Hz available. These voltages and frequencies cover all standard AC voltages worldwide. This allows the use of equipment including commercial off the shelf (COTS) to be operated reliably anywhere in the world.


The PDU's can include:
• Rack Mount AC and DC Power Distribution Units
– Standard Products/COTS/Custom Products
– Customer Private Label
– EMI Filtering/Surge & Transient Protection
– Remote Control/EPO
– Overload Protection
• Rack Mount Power Supplies
• Custom & Specialty Power Cable Assemblies

Interact Power, Inc. provides highly reliable, yet cost effective power solutions for the rugged power requirements of the defense and aerospace. Any of our products may be modified to suit a particular application or integrated into a total solution.
Interact Power manufactures rack-mount AC and DC power distribution equipment for OEM's and resellers in the computer, internet, telecommunications, ATE, aerospace and defense industries.

AS 9100 Compliant.


Rack Mount AC Power Distribution Units
  • Specialize in the design/manufacture of ruggedized Custom PDU's.
• 1-phase & 3-phase. 50-60Hz, 400Hz.
• We can build to meet your spec.
Rack Mount DC Power Distribution Units
  • High Current DC Power Distribution.
• Remote Reset Breakers
• Fuse Panels
Rack Mount Power Supplies
  • AC power in, DC power out
• 1From 1U to 4U enclosures
• Multiple-outputs, voltage and current
Rack Mount Control Panels
  • EPO, On/Off control
• Multiple control, daisy chain
• Compatible with many competitors PDU's
Power Cable Assemblies

 • Domestic, International, and MS connectors
• Any type, size and length
• Other accessories available