Maximizing Value in Process Plant Liquidations

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IPP is a self-funded buyer and seller of unneeded manufacturing plant assets.  In business for more than 30 years, IPP has assisted over 10,000 companies with plant downsizings or expansions.

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IPP's Business Model

IPP's business typically falls into 1 of 3 scenarios:

  • A complete plant that has been shut down by its owner is bought by IPP, sometimes including the real estate the plant is located on, inventoried and then sold to a client who either operates the plant as is or moves and installs the plant in a new location.

  • A manufacturer is shutting down a portion of a plant and sells that processing line to IPP who then inventories the line and sells it as a complete unit or as individual equipment pieces.

  • A manufacturer is shutting down a plant to reduce industry capacity with a goal of firming up prices in that industry. IPP buys the plant, agreeing not to sell the plant as a complete unit and then inventories the equipment to be sold as individual pieces.

Have a process plant or line you want to liquidate? Need to remove idle process buildings from your site?

Whether you are faced with a plant shut down or need to remove idle process buildings from your active site, IPP can help you maximize the value of those assets while minimizing the resource drain from your core business. We have saved individual clients millions of dollars ($MM) by assuming the ownership of:

  • site demolition
  • equipment removal
  • carrying costs (utilites, taxes, security, etc.)
  • in some cases, environmental remediation

There are many determinants to creating value from idled assets but typically the most value results from technology that can be made available to the open market. In cases where you want to protect proprietary technology or intellectual property, IPP will evaluate your plant site as equipment to be sold individually without transferring trade secrets or IP.

Learn more about selling closed or idle manufacturing plant assets to IPP

Need To Build A Plant? Considered Buying A Used Plant?

View our current inventory of complete process and power plants for sale

IPP's inventory of over 100 available process plants gives many of you an opportunity to buy an entire used plant, typically with the inherent engineering and intellectual property that has been proven to work (documentation, Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&IDs), Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)) . This model saves companies who need to expand both time and money vs. planning and building a new plant. In many cases, an existing plant can be dismantled, packed, shipped and re-assembled on a new site in 1/2 the time it would take for new engineering and construction of a new plant.

Many of our clients compete in mature, global industries where buying an existing plant was the only economically viable option to meet their expansion plans.

If you don't see what you need, please ask for our help. With the relationships we have built over 30 years and our understanding of the process industry marketplace, we have had great success finding the right technology for clients when we did not have the right plant for them in inventory

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Our clients include many of the Fortune 100 for whom our work has included dismantling  individual buildings from working plant sites to leveling entire sites. In cases where the real estate plays a key role, IPP has purchased the entire site including the real estate.