What are Solder-Bearing Leads?

Product Announcement from Interplex Industries, Inc.

What are Solder-Bearing Leads? -Image

Originated by Interplex NAS, SBL technology creates leads with a
precise amount of solder already on them, such as the iconic “claw

As a result of a nonstop focus on innovation, SBL has evolved into
a multi-faceted technology foundation with many configurations for
a wide range of standard and custom application requirements.

Some of the basic approaches include:

• Holding the solder on the outside of the metal lead
• Holding the solder on the inside of the metal lead
• Forming the solder around the metal (minimize profile)
• Stamping the solder directly into the lead frame
• Molded solder-card modules for PCB-to-PCB assembly
• Solder-ball pins for discretely placeable SMT interconnects

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