What are Best Practices for Press-Fit Suppliers?

Product Announcement from Interplex Industries, Inc.

What are Best Practices for Press-Fit Suppliers?-Image

Design, Testing, Documentation and Applications Support 

With a rapidly expanding range of industries now relying on solder-free Press-Fit technology as a key lynchpin in their electronics assembly strategies, it has become increasingly important for suppliers of compliant Press-Fit interconnects to provide stringently controlled testing, qualification and manufacturing processes.

 As discussed in previous Tech Bulletins, Press-Fit technology offers an excellent alternative for creating reliable electro-mechanical interconnects without using solder.  

 This issue begins a new two-part Tech Bulletin series focusing on the following key elements that must be addressed by Press-Fit suppliers:

  • Design and testing standards
  • Documentation and applications support
  • Raw materials selection and plating process controls
  • Global tooling standards, inspection criteria and production control plans
  • Worldwide functional testing and application support capabilities

The first Tech Bulletin in this series addresses Design and Testing Standards, Documentation and Applications support.   

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