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Custom AC Power Cords

Featured Product from Interpower

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Interpower manufactures custom AC power cords to match your specifications.

If you are exporting products to multiple markets, power cords with varying plug styles may be required. Interpower can supply the plugs, pre-assembled on the cable and ready to install for a large variety of equipment needs. As with custom length cable, many different terminations are available, as well as a custom-stripping option on the bare end of the power cord. This allows a designer to call out a six-inch ground with three-inch leads for example, and have a ring terminal ready to go on the ground when the cord is received. Most power cords are also available in different colors. Custom packaging and labeling is also available upon request.

If a finished cord set is more appropriate than a power cord, Interpower can still handle your request. As with power cords, they have a variety of plugs available and they can add the mating socket. The socket can also be replaced with a connector from the IEC 60320 family, such as the C13 or C19, if a more universal connector is desired. They can manufacture lengths from one foot and up. And again, many cord sets are available in a variety of colors. 100% of all power cords and cord sets are tested, to ensure only the highest quality products leave Interpower Corporation's doors.

Over 4 million parts in-stock. We offer a 1-week U.S. manufacturing lead-time on any non-stock Interpower products, no minimum order requirements, and same day shipments available for in-stock Interpower products orders received by 6:00 p.m. Central Time. For ordering and technical information, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800/662-2290 or order online at www.interpower.com.