Japanese 15A Power Cords and Cord Sets

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Interpower® is pleased to announce that it is now manufacturing its own Japanese 15A power cords and cord sets in its Iowa, U.S.A. facilities, expanding the current line of customizable international cords.  

Six standard assemblies with a new Japanese 15A plug have been added to the Interpower product line— five cord sets plus a power cord. By manufacturing these cord sets in Iowa, Interpower can also offer custom options, such as custom cord lengths, five IEC 60320 C13 connector styles, or custom stripping and color. 

Traditionally, Japanese power cords and cord sets have been sourced from overseas cord manufacturers and carried by domestic distributors in a select few common sizes and configurations.  This has made it difficult for OEM manufacturers to obtain less common configurations, lengths, and colors that they desire for their applications.  Often, very large minimum orders and extensive lead-times were the norm for obtaining the needed assemblies, limiting the feasibility of obtaining many such items.  Interpower’s ability to provide custom lengths and various configurations will now make this much easier for OEMs to source the items they need. With a 1-week lead-time at Interpower, long lead-times are eliminated and there are no minimum order requirements. 

<PS>E Japanese approval will be on the plug, cable, and connector for cord sets (plug and cable for power cords). All of the cord sets will utilize an IEC 60320 C13 connector.

For more details, see P/N 86277000, 86277010, 86277020, 86277030, 86277040, and 86277050.

Interpower offers a 1-week U.S. manufacturing lead-time on non-stock Interpower products and same day shipping on in-stock Interpower products with no minimum order or dollar requirements. Value added and custom services are available along with free technical support.

For more information, see www.interpower.com.