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Interquip Low power oscillator for Wearable Device

Featured Product from Interquip Electronics Co., Ltd.

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One of the challenges to satisfy ultra-low power circuit design in Internet of Things application. Wireless nodes common in IoT applications use 32.768KHz oscillator to synchronize the clock with each other RF module. Due to always on, the power consumption must be low compared to the average power of wireless nodes. Thus, Interquip launches its Ultra-Low power consumption 32.768KHz oscillators, the 165B SERIES provides below 10uA power consumption specification and miniature package 2.5 x 2.0 mm ideal for wearable device, IoT product.



Low power consumption, Miniature SMD Package, AT-Cut Temperature Stability



  • Nominal Frequency: 32.768KHz
  • Output Waveform: CMOS
  • Overall Frequency Stability: ±25ppm, ±30ppm, or specify
  • Supply Voltage Range(Vdd) : 1.8V-3.3V
  • Power consumption: <10uA
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C, -40°C ~ +85°C, or specify
  • Start-up Time: 10ms Max.



A-IoT, Wearable device, Mobile phone, PC, Computer peripheral,  Home Appliance, Toy & Gadgets, Wireless Lan, WiFi, BLE,  POS & payment, RFID/NFC, Sensor & transmitter, IPC, Wearable Health, SoC & SIP