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Interquip LVDS/LVPECL Crystal Oscillators for 5G

Featured Product from Interquip Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Today the demand for smaller, higher performance and more reliable electronic solutions is ever-growing. This is driving frequency product manufacturers to produce even smaller, higher frequency devices to reach design goals and support downsizing PCBs.

Interquip launches its LVDS/LVPECL clock oscillators, the 163E/F SERIES with a 3.2 x 2.5 mm package and frequency range available from 20MHz to 200MHz. The new clock oscillators provide both miniaturization and higher speed operation in one complete device. Common applications include 5G/FTTR/GPON OLT/ONU/ONT/SATA/SAS.

The LVPECL and LVDS outputs provide a ‘complementary-pair’ logic to help with noise reduction at higher frequencies compared with CMOS logic signals.

Nominal Frequency: 20MHz ~ 200MHz
Output Waveform: LVDS/LVPECL
Overall Frequency Stability: ±25ppm, ±30ppm, or specify
Supply Voltage Range(Vdd) : 2.5V-3.3V 
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C, -40°C ~ +85°C, or specify
Start-up Time: 10ms Max.
Excellent low phase noise and jitter