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LVDS Crystal Oscillators for 5G applications

Featured Product from Interquip Electronics Co., Ltd.

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The LVDS Series crystal clock oscillator achieves superb stability and low power consumption over a broad range of operating conditions and frequencies. The low jitter output clock signal, generated internally with a non-PLL oscillator design. The device, available on tape and reel, is contained surface-mount ceramic package.



  • Frequency Range: 20MHz ~ 200MHz
  • Supply Voltage (Vdd): 1.0V ~ 3.3V, 1.0V ~ 5.0V, 2.5V ~ 3.3V
  • Overall Freq. Stability: ±25ppm, ±30ppm, ±50ppm or specify
  • Phase Jitter (12KHz~20MHz): 0.1 pSec @ 155MHz
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C -40°C ~ +85°C -40°C ~ +125°C



  • Network adapter cards, Test Instrumentation
  • 40Gbit/100Gbit Ethernet, MAN, SONET, Fiber Channel
  • Portable Multimedia Devices, Hard Disk Drives
  • GPS/Navigation, Bluetooth, 802.11a/b/g WiFi