Ge window used in C4ISR EO/IR system

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Three kinds of antireflective films can be selected for germanium window: antireflective films in 3 - 5 micron band are suitable for mid-infrared applications, antireflective films in 3 - 12 micron band are suitable for broadband multispectral applications, and antireflective films in 8 - 12 micron band are suitable for thermal imaging applications. Germanium optical materials are also suitable for antireflective coatings (AR) with design wavelengths of 8-12 microns. Germanium is seriously affected by temperature, and its transmittance decreases with the increase of temperature. Therefore, they can only be used below 100 C. The density of germanium (5.33 g/cm3) should be taken into account when designing a system with strict weight requirements. Germanium is mainly used in thermal imaging systems and forward-looking infrared (FLIR) fields. The Nusselt hardness of germanium is 780, about twice that of magnesium fluoride, which makes it more suitable for applications in the field of IR of variable optics.