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MgF2 (Magesium Flouride)

Magnesium Fluoride is a positive birefringent crystal grown using the vacuum Stockbarger Technique with good vacuum UV to infrared transmission. It is typically oriented with the c axis parallel to the optical axis to reduce birefringent effects. MgF2 is another excellent choice for deep UV to infrared regions, with good transmission range from 0.15 µm to 6.5 µm, and its proven use in fluorine environments make it ideal for lenses, windows, and polarizers for Excimer lasers. MgF2 is resistant to the thermal and mechanical shock, and has higher energy damage threshold. MgF2 is one of the lowest index infrared materials, which usually doesnt require anti-reflection coating. MgF2 is extremely durable compared to other materials which are transparent from the UV to the IR spectrum. MgF2 is an ideal choice for many biological and military imaging applications that require wide broadband laser pulses.

Note that this material is mildly hydroscopic. If used under normal operating conditions, no pitting is expected. However, it is not recommended for water immersion applications.



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