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Precautions for silicon materials - issues needing attention in quotation

Type differentiation: n-doped phosphorus, p-doped boron element, doping purpose to reduce resistivity;

Purity: 8-12n, the higher the purity is, the more expensive the price is; the domestic basic level is 6N, the intrinsic crystal is 9N, and the semiconductor is mostly 12n

Crystal direction: how many + / -0.5 degrees, most of the growth direction is 111 below 150 mm, and most of the growth direction is 100 above 150 mm

Resistivity: the higher the resistance and the smaller the range, the more expensive the price is; 5000 ohms can be guaranteed domestically; n > 100 ohms for raw materials, P > 2500 ohms

Direction problem: the main dissociation surface 111110 is determined by other directions; the intrinsic 8-inch furnace, direction 100;

Growth problem: a cycle of 5 days, water and electricity cannot be cut off. Quartz crucible is a disposable consumable, with a rod length of about D200 * 1400

Processing problem: the smaller the sleeve is, the greater the material loss is, the more expensive the price is; cutting is internal circle and multi wire cutting