Silicon block/blank

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The transmittance ranges from 1.2 to 7 um.

Equipped with or without coated window patches and antireflective film window patches suitable for 3 - 5 um

Very suitable for weight-sensitive applications

Because of the low cost and density, TECHSPEC < silicon (Si) window sheet made of optical grade silicon has become a popular product for 1.2 - 7 micron spectral range. Silicon is very low in density (half of germanium or zinc selenide), so it is very suitable for weight-sensitive applications, especially those in the range of 3-5 micron. Its density is 2.329 g/cm3 and its Knoop hardness is 1150. As a result, it is harder and less fragile than germanium.


General specification

Effective aperture (%): 90.00 dimensional tolerance (mm): +0.0/-0.1

Thermal expansion coefficient CTE (10-6/C): 2.55 density (g/cm3): 2.33

Refractive index nd: 3.422 @ 5 m Knoop hardness (kg/mm2): 1150

Parallelism (arc points): <3 Poisson's ratio: 0.265

Substrate: Silicon (Si) Surface Flatness: 1 lambda

Surface quality: 60-40 thickness tolerance (mm): +0.1

Young's modulus (GPa): 140