Silicon flat convex lens from China ICC

Featured Product from Intrinsic Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. (ICC)

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Details as below:

ICC Company certificates: ISO9001:2015, D&B:53-09-098-3523&SGS:QIP-AS1166146 .

Main business scope: crystal material, optical components polishing and optical coating service.

Quality documents: Material melt-data, ROHS&MSDS, COC, test report, coating witness and curve.


Optical crystal material-supply various shapes of specifications blank

CAF2:   wavelength 193/248/308/400-8000nm; <111>, <100>, <110>; Size D3-300MM(grow)

MGF2:  wavelength 121/157/193/248nm; <001>,<100>, <110>; Size D3-200MM(grow)

BAF2:   wavelength 0.18-14.0um; <111>, <100>; Size D3-180MM (grow)

Silicon:  optical/mirror/semiconductor grade?<100> <111>; Size D3-350MM (grow)

widely used in laser marker, laser microscope, image capture, laser trimmer, cutter 

and drill, non-contact sensor and measure, high-speed printer, laser projector. 

ZnSe:   CVD method; laser/optical grade; Size D3-150MM (do not grow)

ZNS:    CVD method; Standard/Multi spectral/dome grade; Size D3-150MM (do not grow)

LiF:   VUV grade; <100> <110>; Size D3-160M (grow)

Germanium: usually we polish then do these coating for customers.

  1. antireflective coatings in 3-5 micron 2.antireflective coatings in 3-12 micron

3.antireflective coatings in 8-12 micron band are suitable for thermal imaging applications. Germanium optical materials are also suitable for antireflective coatings (AR) with design wavelengths of 8-12 microns.


Optics fabrication-- glass and crystal material; Classic/high speed/double sides /CNC/ZYGO machines.

Optical flat window: circle/square; steps/drilled; Size D3-350MM; S/D 10-5& 1/10L@633nm

Spherical lens: single lens, achromatic doublet lens, Hemispherical /dome lens;S/D 20-10& 1/8L@633nm

Optical prism: wedge prism, triple prism, ATR prism;S/D 40-20& 1/4L@633nm

Aspherical: CNC and diamond turning machines, Ge/Si/optical fluoride/ glass etc

Coating services

Reflection coating: UV enhanced AL/AG, gold protection, dielectric film

IR coating: NIR,900-1700NM; SWIR,3-5UM; LWIR, 8-14UM;  BBAR/DLC, V-coating

Laser coating:193/248/305/532/1064NM, AR/ beamsplitter mirror/polarizer/ reflection mirror