grow and process silicon lenses-ICC factory15years

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ICC how to make spherical lenses.

Material selection: ROHS, MSDS, resistivity, crystal orientation, purity, transmittance measurement
Processing flow control:
Cutting material: 20+2 pieces, considering the centering cut edge need to be plus 1.5mm on diameter,
consider removing the knives scratches and other defects, center thickness need to be plus 0.8mm
Tooling& iron plate : ICC homemade for important customers and key products,
Testplate or test board: ICC homemade&purachase from outside, radius accuracy measured by the
spherometer and zygo interferometer before polishing.
Processing: Cool hard work.we let 5-year’s skilled worker to make the whole procedure. If there is a
problem during the processing, it must be reported to supervisor and leader within 2 hours to solve the
Coating control:
Coating witness sample: 2 pieces (one for customer, one for ICC);
Coating curve: two copies
Coating peel-off test: baking for 4 hours in 80°C temperature environment, then using 3M tape (25 *
25mm)pulling the coating film, cooling for 4 hours in low temperature -15°C environment, then using 3M
tape (25 * 25mm) pulling coating film to check if peeled-off
Time control: Material and tooling preparation take 8 day; Sphere lens for 6 days; Grinding and polishing
for 16 days, coating for 7 days, if there are accidents for 3 days, total of 40 days