process Ge lenses from China ICC factory

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1.High refractive index

2.Low dispersion makes the chromatic aberration relatively low

3.Equipped with flat convex (PCX) or meniscus design

Germanium (Ge) lenses are very suitable for mid-infrared (MWIR) and far-infrared (LWIR) applications, including thermal imaging, spectroscopy or FLIR. In addition, the Nusselt hardness of germanium is 780, so this lens is ideal for harsh environments. Ge lens must be used in an environment with temperature below 100 C because of the thermal evaporation of Ge, i.e. the transmittance decreases with the increase of temperature. In addition, the high density of germanium should be taken into account when designing products for weight-sensitive systems.

 The meniscus lens is a concave-convex lens. The lens has an outer convex mirror and an inner concave mirror. If the outward radian is greater than the inward radian, the lens has a positive focal length and serves as a magnifying glass.