process ZnSe material lenses-ICC factory

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1.Low dispersion

2.Uncoated or AR coated can be obtained

3.It is very suitable for thermal imaging, FLIR and medical system.

(ZnSe) window panels are ideal for wide infrared applications, including thermal imaging, FLIR and medical systems. Because of its low absorption coefficient and high resistance to thermal shock, this vapor deposition material is widely used in high power carbon dioxide laser system. Zinc selenide (ZnSe) is a soft material which is easy to scratch, so it is not suitable for use in harsh environment (Knoop hardness is only 120). Consistent pressure must be applied and latex fingerprints or gloves must be worn to prevent contamination.


A lens is an optical device used to focus or disperse light. Lens may contain one or more components, ranging from microscopy to laser processing. In addition, lenses are also used in many industries, such as life sciences, imaging, industry or defense. When light passes through a lens, its light output will be affected by the lens profile or lens substrate. Flat convex lens or biconvex lens will focus the light into a point, while flat concave lens (PCV) or biconvex lens (DCV) will diverge the light passing through the lens. Achromatic lenses are suitable for applications requiring color correction, while non-spherical lenses can be used to correct spherical aberrations. Lens made of germanium, silicon or zinc selenide are suitable for transmitting infrared spectra, while fused quartz is suitable for transmitting ultraviolet light.