Electrifying Vehicles Challenges and Solutions

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Electrifying Vehicles
Challenges and Solutions
A great (second) chance to preview tomorrow’s shunt based current sensing breakthroughs
See Dr. Jan Marien’s webinar on the next generation of battery management current sense modules and best-practices for engineering-in functional safety for electric vehicles.

We recorded 2020’s most popular webinar in case you missed it. (But it’s going away again soon!)

Some key learnings include:

  • Current sensing developments in battery management systems
  • Ground breaking metal injection molded (MIM) shunts enable completely new levels of system integration
  • Newly-designed components for managing high currents (BAX shunts)
  • How alternative alloys provide temp-isolation advantages over stainless steel
  • State-of-the-art components for power-sensing modules
  • Strategies for managing functional safety in complex products


Dr. Jan Marien is the Executive Vice President of R&D at Isabellenhu?tte and a recognized expert in the area of battery management technology. His one-hour presentation covers a lot of ground—from current-sensing to shunt-based assembly design… all the way to a strategic framework for managing functional safety in EVs. It’s live through the end of December… and you are welcome to share the link with any interested colleagues or team members.


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