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Perhaps you haven’t heard of us, but Isabellenhütte is one of the most trusted partners to the aerospace industry. Because of our extensive experience and performance history, OEMs and tier-one suppliers utilize our solutions to help solve their most difficult electronics design challenges. There’s a simple reason why: we engineer our components and materials not just to meet your specifications, but to expand the boundaries of what’s possible and exceed traditional quality limits.

• Application-oriented support
• Simulation of your application conditions
• Component optimization for critical applications
• SMD test board for the initial evaluation
• Comprehensive documentation
• Standard values can be supplied with SnPb plated contacts

Modern precision resistors for current measurement have to meet many requirements, such as a small temperature coefficient, a low thermal EMF, high long-term stability, low inductance and a high load capacity. Due to the fact that these properties are influenced by the resistance material as well as by type, we offer two technology options: ISA-PLAN® and ISA-WELD®.

Whether you need standard components or heavily loadable power resistors – our products meet the highest requirements.

Both technologies are ideally suited for the manufacturing of precision resistors in the value range of 2.2 mOhm to 2 Ohm. The planar structure permits a simple realization of the 4-terminal connection technology, enabling the generation of temperature coefficients of <50 ppm/k, even with values below 10 mOhm, with a high repeatability. Due to its low-inductance structures, these components are ideally suited for use in clocked power electronics.

ISA-PLAN® resistors are manufactured from our unique MANGANIN® and ZERANIN® materials,using etching technology. The materials are electrically insulated and mounted on a metal substrate with good thermal conductivity. The shunts are then ideal for precision applications due to their extremely low thermal EMF and their very high long-term stability. As a result, the heat conduction into the substrate, together with its high thermal capacity, provides excellent pulse and continuous power rating.

ISA-WELD® resistors are stamped from solid electron-beam welded composite material consisting of copper in combination with one of our special resistance alloys. The resistors can be adapted by means of stamping and bending to suit almost any shape and application. Further benefits are offered by the comparably low input resistance of the copper terminals, their high thermal conductivity respectively their heat storage capacity, and the resulting current density and heat dissipation within the shunt. ISA-WELD® shunts are particularly suitable for extremely low-ohmic values (in the range of 0.1 to 2.0 mOhm). They are available in SMD or busbar assembly configurations.

Isabellenhütte USA 
Isabellenhütte USA (formerly Isotek Corporation) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH KG. 
Formed in 1989, Isabellenhütte USA is a leading supplier of precision current sensing and high power resistors, thermoelectric and resistance alloys, and precision measurement systems. Located in Swansea MA, Isabellenhütte USA has developed an industry-wide reputation for providing high-quality products and unparalleled customer support.

Backed by hundreds of decades of manufacturing and engineering expertise and a representative network that spans all of North America, our mission is to provide superior resistive solutions into the automotive, industrial and aerospace industries. Isotek strives to remain at the ready with samples of standard products and unmatched application support for technically demanding custom product development.