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More functionality in smaller spaces with help from our IVT Series

CHALLENGE 1 / Customers need to monitor multiple parameters in modern BMS to track the active or passive balancing of the individual lithium-ion cells and the calculation of the battery diagnostics parameters of the traction batteries state of charge, state of health and state of function. Determining the state of charge requires a particularly precise and high-resolution total current measurement. CHALLENGE 2 / The development of higher energy densities in lithium-ion technology is leading to ever-increasing system voltages which require higher isolation voltage ratings of components with a low side interface.

SOLUTION 1 / Isabellenhütte’s IVT Series are highly integrated sensors that not only capture the raw data for current, voltage and temperature measurement, but also meter the power, energy and ampere-hours on the software side as integrated values. These values are conveniently transmitted via a CAN interface to the battery management system. SOLUTION 2 / Our IVT Series provides permanent galvanic isolation of 1,000 V DC to cover these requirements

Isabellenhütte USA 
Isabellenhütte USA (formerly Isotek Corporation) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH KG. 
Formed in 1989, Isabellenhütte USA is a leading supplier of precision current sensing and high power resistors, thermoelectric and resistance alloys, and precision measurement systems. Located in Swansea MA, Isabellenhütte USA has developed an industry-wide reputation for providing high-quality products and unparalleled customer support.

Backed by hundreds of decades of manufacturing and engineering expertise and a representative network that spans all of North America, our mission is to provide superior resistive solutions into the automotive, industrial and aerospace industries. Isotek strives to remain at the ready with samples of standard products and unmatched application support for technically demanding custom product development.