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Anti-Creep Linear Rail Sets for Vertical Mounting!

Featured Product from Isotech, Inc.

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In certain applications, uneven loads, improper preload, vertical mounting, or offset forces may cause the ball retainers to become misaligned relative to each other. The misalignment ("creep") can ultimately cause a reduction in overall travel, the need for increased force to achieve full travel and even failure of the assembly.

Isotech's Anti-Creep retainer design prevents these problems. The single piece retainer and integral positive end stops prevent ball retainer misalignment and help keep the rolling elements centered in the assembly. The retainer is molded of engineering plastic and slotted in the center. Dowel pins mounted in the base and carriage limit the travel of the retainer and help to keep it centered in the slide for full travel and extended life. In applications in which retainer misalignment is a concern., Isotech Anti-Creep slides demonstrate greatly increased life and improved performance. Anti-Creep slides have been extensively tested in Isotech's internal testing facility and successfully used in the field for over seven years. If you are concerned that your application may induce uneven loads or forces or if the need for a slide operating vertically exists, consider Isotech's retainer design.

  • Ideal for vertical applications.
  • Increased life with overhanging loads.
  • Positive internal stops.
  • Low friction, straight line design.
  • Factory preload controls side play and backlash.
  • 0.0005 "/inch straight line accuracy.