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Linear Motion & Rotary Motion: Rotary Ball Splines

Featured Product from Isotech, Inc.

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Number of Parts Can Be Cut Down to Half

This units combination of a conventional ball spline and rotary function dramatically contributes to eliminate parts used in your systems, and thence, accumulating minor errors that are often seen due to installation process can be diminished as well.

Compact and Light weight
Cross-rollers are used for its rotary element in outer body of ball spline, so it is much lighter in weight and more compact in appearance. Cost for installation and additional matching can be greatly saved.

Rigid Structure
With Isotech's Rotary Ball Spline, feature of cross-roller and ball spline, of which has four ball circuits is maximized and is enhanced its rigidity notwithstanding its compact appearance.

High Accuracy
Isotech's Rotary Ball Spline accepts load from rotating direction utmost, this makes accurate positioning at rotating direction possible.