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Isotech, Inc. offers turnkey testing chamber systems for 5G Testing, mmWave Testing, EMI/EMC Testing, and RF Testing.

We provide state-of-the-art Antenna measurement system with cutting edge customized and standard size Anechoic chambers for the Academic, Commercial, Automotive, Research, and Defense sectors.

Isotech, Inc. offers new generation shielding systems that are made up of robust premium grade raw material fabricated using modern technology along with high quality ventilation and heating systems for efficient shielding against electromagnetic waves and designed to ensure excellent compliance with industry standards.

Isotech, Inc. also offers Polypropylene Hybrid Absorbers, Foam Absorbers, all type of RF Shielded Doors (PAN type and Sandwich type), Honeycombs, Filters, Joint Gaskets and other Anechoic material.

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