Custom Forumulated Silicone Compounds

Service Detail from JAMAK Fabrication USA

Custom Forumulated Silicone Compounds-Image

Jamak Fabrication is committed to providing Continuous, Innovative, Solutions throughout our facility including our ability to custom compound silicone for your application.

Jamak has on site custom compounding capability that can shorten the development cycle helping you get your product to market faster. Jamak is one of the largest users of silicone polymer materials in the US which gives us a competitive advantage. Our mixing facilities are 100% dedicated to silicone compounds and that is our primary focus. This allows us to tailor compounds to meet specific processing needs of silicone fabrication equipment which includes injection, compression, and transfer molding along with extrusion capability. Because we mix our own silicone compounds we can respond to changing customer needs much quicker, including changes to the compound to meet your specification needs. Jamak has mixing capability from 1 pound to 2000 pound batches to meet your specific need, large or small we can do it all.

Mixing Equipment:

  • Banbury Mixers
  • Sigma Blade Mixers 1 gallon to 300 gallons
  • Ross Mixers
  • Two Roll Mills
  • Three Roll Mills
  • Extruders

Testing Capability:

  • Full capability to perform ISO/ASTM/SAE/OEM elastomer specification testing
    • Standard Physical Properties
    • Heat, Fluid, and Low Temperature Stability
    • Compression Set Performance
  • Unique Test Capability
    • Coefficient of Friction
    • Compression Set Relaxation
    • Windshield Wiper Functional Testing
    • Thermal and Oil cycle testing from -40°C to 230°C
    • Appliance Gasket Life Cycle Testing
    • Durability Testing for Most Applications