Fiber Reinforced Silicone Replaces HNBR and FKM

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Fiber Reinforced Silicone Replaces HNBR and FKM-Image

Silicone elastomers have been known to have a broad temperature range and reasonable chemical resistance. However, their strength properties have been considerably less when compared to other elastomer types in general use in oil & gas applications such as hydrogenated nitriles and fluoroelastomers.

Jamak Fabrication has formulated a fiber reinforced silicone elastomer with significantly enhanced strength properties. This new compound was compared to typical hydrogenated nitrile and fluoroelastomer compounds commonly used in today's oil & gas industry. Physical properties, chemical resistance, rapid gas decompression, extrusion resistance and dynamic properties were evaluated.

Test results concluded that Jamak's fiber reinforced silicone elastomer compound is a viable option for high temperature/high pressure applications in the oil & gas industry. The broad temperature range, good chemical resistance to a variety of oilfield substances, good strength properties and excellent dynamic performance at temperature, make Jamak's FRSE compound a good value to performance option when compared to other elastomer choices.

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