Sealing for Vacuum Infusion

Product Announcement from JAMAK Fabrication USA

Sealing for Vacuum Infusion-Image

With a migration in many industries from vacuum bagging processes to vacuum infusion processes, Jamak has begun producing silicone seals that cater perfectly to the demands of the vacuum infusion process.

Silicone profiles are used to seal a plastic film to dry fabric in a fixture. Vacuum infusion is particularly beneficial to companies who are producing large, high-quality composite parts.

However, as resin builds up during the infusion phase, there can be a significant accumulation of heat. The high temperature resistance of silicone seals assists in reducing heat related leaks. As well, the release properties of silicone aid significantly in the reduction of set-up time from one cycle to the next. Many users of the vacuum infusion process are still importing their seals from Europe. If you are currently using, or considering vacuum infusion, please consider Jamak as your more immediate and cost effective source for sealing applications.