10 Tips for Choosing 3M™ Shielding/Grounding Tapes

Featured Product from JBC Technologies, Inc.

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Electronics are being made smaller and working harder than ever before. Complicated antennas, higher frequencies, and smaller grounding areas mean new design and engineering challenges, especially with electromagnetic (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).  

But what is EMI/RFI anyway?

Think of EMI and RFI as unwanted electronic noise. It can interfere with and slow down nearby devices, and in most cases, it needs to be stopped. EMI/RFI can be generated by the electronics we use every day, general communications signals, thunderstorms, and solar activity.

EMI/RFI is pretty much around us all the time and it's not going anywhere. It can interfere with the performance of electronic devices leading to lost data, slowed performance, and device damage, and our best offense is a good defense.

A lightweight, customizable, cost-effective solution to EMI/RFI shielding can be found with precision die-cut components made by JBC using high-performance EMI/RFI shielding tapes from 3M™.

We spoke with the EMI/RFI experts at 3M™ and put together ten tips to help you select the proper 3M™ shielding and grounding adhesive tape for your custom die-cut components.