Flexible Graphite for Thermal Management Solutions

Service Detail from JBC Technologies, Inc.

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JBC Technologies has been processing thermal interface materials from Neograf Solutions for years. We count on Neograf for its expert material and application knowledge, and our customers count on us for our ability to convert flexible graphite into precision die-cut components.

Flexible graphite heat-spreading components require specialized tight-tolerance, precision die-cutting expertise.

JBC Technologies has extensive experience with several Neograf Solutions heat spreading and thermal interface materials, including their popular line of eGraf® flexible graphite products (SPREADERSHIELD™, HiTherm™, NeoNxGen™).

Consumer Electronics • Transportation • Energy Storage • Medical • Aerospace

If your heat-spreading application requires custom die-cut components made from Neograf flexible graphite, no project is too small or too big for JBC Technologies. We'll laminate, encapsulate, die-cut, package, and test your thermal management design concept today.