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Solutions for bonding low surface energy materials

Featured Product from JBC Technologies, Inc.

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Plastics and composites, lighter and less expensive than metals, are common manufacturing choices. The downside? These materials have low surface energy (LSE), making them difficult to stick to and limiting the effectiveness of traditional adhesives.

As a 3M Preferred Converter, we're your go-to resource for selecting world-class adhesives that work well with all surfaces, LSE surfaces included.

Click More Info above to learn how 3M LSE tapes and adhesives can help bond even the most difficult substrates together. Other highlights

    • Bond dissimilar materials such as metal and plastic 
    • Reduce reliance on mechanical fasteners
    • Eliminate the need for primers and surface treating

As good as the LSE tapes are, it takes an experienced converter like JBC Technologies to transform them into custom parts. 

JBC Technologies has an extensive portfolio of vertically-integrated converting processes, from roll-to-roll lamination to high speed, tight tolerance rotary die cutting, to waterjet cutting, and much more.

We can mix and match materials and adhesives for optimal performance and help identify and implement custom part presentations for increased assembly speed and lower production costs.