So what exactly is die cutting?

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So what exactly is die cutting? -Image

So what exactly is die cutting? And what do all those terms like "Kiss Cut" and "Butt Cut" mean anyway? Learn the basics in this informative post from JBC Technologies.

Conversational Converting: 10 Commonly-Used Die-Cutting Words and Phrases

Die-cutting. What exactly is it? Quite frankly, we haven’t been able to find a really great definition online, so we’ll try our hand at making one of our own.

To distill it down into a basic, albeit wordy description:

Die-cutting is the process of mass-producing large quantities of identically-shaped parts by stamping/cutting them out of thin, flexible materials (e.g. plastic, foams & sponge rubber, metal foil, thermal insulation, and fabric) using specialized machinery and tools called dies.

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