Heat Shielding Material

Featured Product from JBC Technologies, Inc.

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JBC has over 30 years of experience processing heat-shielding materials. We laminate, emboss, micro-perforate, and custom die-cut a wide variety of thermal management and acoustical solutions for manufacturers of on and off-road vehicles, appliances, industrial equipment, and more.

Here are just a few of the many different heat shielding constructions we can assist you with. 

The combination of the heat-reflecting qualities of aluminum and the thermal properties of the insulation core provides superior thermal and acoustical performance.

Insulated Aluminum- Plain, Embossed, or Micro-Perforated 

If you have a need, we'll find a solution. JBC can mix and match layers of foils, foams, fiberglass, adhesives, and more to meet your specific objective. 

Hot Melt Adhesive Coated Aluminum - Plain, Embossed, or Micro-Perforated 

Lightweight aluminum radiates the heat back toward its source. Hot melt adhesive makes it easy to bond during the thermo-forming process.  Choose from multiple thicknesses of aluminum or stainless steel. 

Micro-perforated Aluminum - With or Without Adhesive Backing 

JBC’s micro-perforated aluminum offers all the heat-reflecting benefits of our plain aluminum with the additional acoustical benefits provided by our micro-perforating technology. 

Embossed Aluminum 

Embossing allows for better formability during molding and facilitates the use of lighter gauge materials.  JBC can provide embossed aluminum in sheets, rolls, or die-cut to your specific size and shape requirements. 

Heat Reflective Tape

Lightweight and extremely flexible, JBC’s TABshield tape series provides reflective thermal protection for hoses, wiring harnesses, cables, tubing, plastic parts, plastic fuel tanks, fuel lines, and other engine components.