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Low-Trauma Skin Contact Tapes with Berry Global

Featured Product from JBC Technologies, Inc.

Low-Trauma Skin Contact Tapes with Berry Global-Image

This feature from our popular blog Converters Corner has us chatting about pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and skin irritation with two stick-to-skin adhesive mavens from world-class manufacturer, Berry Global.

We'll pick the brains of Svetlana Contrada, PhD Product Development Manager & Brian Hall, National Sales Manager - Specialty Tapes as we meander our way through such synapse-building topics as:

  • Patient risk factors
  • Low-trauma skin contact adhesives
  • Featured Berry Global tapes
  • How JBC Technologies adds value

Spoiler - We manufacture custom solutions (often multiple materials laminated together and die-cut into custom shapes) for wearable medical device manufacturers the world over.

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