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Material for Die Cutting Electrical Insulation

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Manage Electricity with Die Cutting & Electrical Insulation

Electric insulation can take many forms, and JBC Technologies creates custom components using all of them. But why do we need electrical insulation?

There are two main reasons we may want to prevent the movement of electricity from one object to another.

  1. Electricity can interfere with the operation of sensitive electronic devices and
  2. Human skin is very good at conducting electricity.

Why Use Electrical Insulation?

Electrical insulation is used in industries like healthcare and automotive and for innumerable applications, primarily designed to shield people and things from the effects of electricity.

Here are a few other reasons our customers use custom die-cut parts for electrical insulation:

  • Shield sensitive electronic circuits from high-voltage
  • Reduce energy costs by preventing energy losses
  • Prevent unwanted emissions/pollutants from entering the environment
  • Protect people from electric shock
  • Soundproof consumer electronics and appliances

Performance Materials: Electrical Insulation & Custom Die Cutting

If you’re looking for a custom component that uses an electrical insulation material, you’ve come to the right place.

We cut electrical insulation into just about any size and shape, and the types of materials we can process include only the best materials on the market

Fish Paper ♦ Kapton® ♦ ITW Formex® ♦ Mylar® ♦ Adhesive Tapes ♦ Metal Foils ♦ Nomex®

From the world’s leading electrical insulation manufacturers:

Dupont ITWAvery Dennison3M

Why JBC Technologies for Custom Die-Cut Electrical Insulation?

For over 30 years, we’ve been creating custom electrical insulation solutions for our customers. We convert high-performance electrical insulation materials into precision die-cut parts for nearly every industry imaginable – from electronics to industrial.

You can learn more about electrical insulation materials and how we create custom solutions at our Electrical Insulation landing page. Click on More Info above.

If you’re ready to speak with an engineer at JBC Technologies about your electrical insulation project, give us a call today at 440-327-4522 or visit the JBC Technologies Contact Form.