Materials for EV Battery Thermal Management

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The most popular electric vehicle battery chemistry today is lithium-ion (Li-ion). For optimal performance, Li-ion batteries like to be kept at or as near to room temperature (70°F/21°C) as possible. By their very nature, Li-ion batteries produce heat – while charging, while discharging, even while seemingly inactive. Excess battery heat can lead to poor battery performance, lower battery lifetimes, and fire.

Unless EV batteries are kept cool problems can arise

?? Slow Charging Rates

?? Shorter battery lifetime

?? Thermal Runaway

?? Reduced acceleration

JBC Technologies can help battery manufacturers and automotive OEMs mitigate battery thermal instability with performance materials. Many of the specialty materials that we convert into custom die-cut components have inherent performance characteristics that make them great for EV battery cooling.

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Conductivity, thermal resistance, cushioning, low compression set - all characteristics that make them lightweight, cost-effective options for use as passive thermal management components in EV battery TMSs.

    • Ceramic Paper
    • Anti-Flammability Tape
    • Microcellular foam
    • Flexible Graphite

JBC Technologies is putting our materials and manufacturing expertise to work in the name of lighter, cooler, longer lasting and more efficient electric vehicle batteries. Contact us today to learn how we can work together on a custom solution for you.