Metal Foil Converting-Embossing & Microperforating

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When it comes to embossing and microperforating thin, metal foils to custom specifications, no one does it better than JBC Technologies. We have extensive experience sourcing, die-cutting, and converting light gauge metal foils including most common aluminum and stainless steel foils.

Light Gauge Metal Foil Embossing

Why Embossing for Metal Foils?

Embossing is a process that uses an embossing roll to add a Z-axis (pattern of bumps) to the foil. Embossing the foil provides better formability during molding and minimizes tearing, especially in deep draw areas of formed heat shields.

Why JBC Technologies for Embossing Metal Foils?

  • Wide-web (up to 60”) embossing of aluminum foils up to 12 mils thick and stainless steel foils up to 10 mils thick.
  • Toll processing available for customer-owned materials
  • Custom embossing patterns and heights are available upon request

Light-Gauge Metal Foil Microperforating

Why Microperforating for Metal Foils?

Microperforation is a process by which a pattern of small holes (often less than 1mm in diameter) is punched into the metal foil using a special hole-punching roller. Microperforation improves aesthetics and increases acoustical performance through increased sound wave scattering.

Why JBC Technologies for Microperforating Metal Foils?

  • Wide-web (up to 60”) microperforating of aluminum and stainless steel foils. JBC will test thicknesses before acceptance and processing.
  • Toll processing available for customer-owned materials
  • Custom microperforating patterns and hole sizes are available upon request

JBC Technologies is Your Partner for Value-Added Metal Foils Processing

Learn more about our embossing, microperforating and other specialty converting services by clicking the More Info button above. You can also visit the JBC website directly here.