Say Goodbye to Shake, Rattle & Roll

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What is Sound and How is it Related to NVH?

Sound is either airborne or structural. Frequencies are transferred through:

  • physical contact with a product (vibrations), or
  • through the air, as sound waves make contact with us (radiated sound).

Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) is either unwanted sound (noise) or oscillations that are felt rather than heard (vibration), and the severity and discomfort associated with those unwanted sounds or vibrations (harshness).

Today, noise, vibration and harshness can affect the quality, longevity, and safety of parts and products across industries. Car engines and parts must be able to withstand mechanical shocks with little wear and tear. Dishwashers and refrigerators must run quietly enough to watch television in the next room. Safety equipment, like airbags, must be able to respond to particular vibrations that signal danger and trigger action.

Die Cut Solutions for Reducing NVH

A wide array of gaskets, seals, foams, surface protectants, tapes and other die cut parts and materials help to dampen and eliminate sound and vibration in a variety of applications and environments. Selecting the right materials to address NVH is vital to meeting customer demand and preserving an organization’s competitive edge.

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